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The referees not attaining put in accordance with the hand of Militao

Published:11/05/2021 - 20:11h

Updated:11/05/2021 - 20:22h

The regulation clearly contemplates that it is penal due to the fact that the rebound is not reflected in these actions, by what the sanction is valid

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The hand of Militao inside the area of the Seville, that was sanctioned like penal in a controversial decision that even could have marked the course of LaLiga, follows generating controversial days after the commitment between the Real Madrid and the Andalusian picture. Trainers, players and ex referee follow without putting of agreement on the action that has desatado a wave of criticisms, but all coincide in unifying immediately the criterion in this type of played.

César Barrenechea Montero, ex referee and referee's analyst of Sportive World, considers that "if the position of the hand is unnatural and is separated of the body above the shoulder, is penalti", but to the time ensures that, if the ball comes of a rebound, "would not be" maximum penalty. The most important for the ex referee is the imperiosa need to unify criteria "so that there is not 22 VAR distinct with his different criteria". Besides, it pleads for to specialise to the referees of the videoarbitraje in including in the teams to ex footballers so that they contribute his experience.

Andújar Oliver, ex referee and collaborator of Radius Marks, also analysed the action of of Militao and ensured that in his opinion there is not infringement. "Militao Is of backs, the balloon gives first in the back of the player of the Real Madrid and afterwards in the arm. Totally involuntary. For me it is not an action to signal the maximum penalty", explained during the transmission.

Instead, for Iturralde González, yes applies the regulation without place to doubts. "To day of today are hands of Militao. It jumps occupying a no natural space and the rebound is not contemplated in this type of played. There is not debate", ensured the ex referee and collaborate of the Chain Be, that discredits with full confidence the arguments in defence of the player madridista.

Decision of the IFAB

Meanwhile, the regulation will take again a twist from the next season, in which actions like the hand of Militao would not be considered punishable inside the area. The International Football Association Board, organism that drafts and reviews annually the norms of the game and the referee's regulation, specifies explicitly that during the course 2020-21 will be penal when "the hand or the arm situate above the height of the shoulder or further ofeast ".

However, of face to the next campaign, the rule will change from 1 July in these suppositions. "It will consider that the player has achieved that his body occupy more space of unnatural way when the position of his hand or arm was not consequence of the movement of his body in this concrete action or can not justify by said movement". Therefore, it will be infringement when the position of the arm or of the hand was not consequence of the natural movement of the body, was a jump or a disequilibrium, as it occurred in the action of Militao.

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