Nelson Semedo, posing as new signing of the FC Barcelona


Nélson Semedo Confesses after his debut with the Barça

Published:23/07/2017 - 17:29h

Updated:23/07/2017 - 17:29h

There was win to see him dressed of short, but to Nélson Semedo touch him suffer in his debut with the Barça in front of the Juventus. The Portuguese analysed his feelings after the party and explained that yes it saw well, but that still does not feel title for Ernesto Valverde

Tickets for FC Barcelona matches

Recently more than a week that was presented, but the duel between Barça and Juventus of the International Champions Cup already served to see debut to Nélson Semedo with the Barcelona T-shirt. To the side touched him suffer in front of the push of the forwards 'bianconeri', but valued positively his première with the Catalan group.

"The feelings have been good. It was a dream that had and have fulfilled it when playing with the FC Barcelona", explained the defence, that added that "I only have been able to train with my new mates some three days, but also have to recognise that it is easy to adapt me to the game of the Barça". 

Although it affirmed to feel satisfied with his performance, Semedo also aimed that it still does not see title. "This has to decide it the trainer. I have come here to work, to help to the team and will be the míster the one who will have the last word. I do not see me title in the Barcelona", ensured.

It does not wet in the subjects complicated

From his arrival to the FC Barcelona Nélson Semedo already has given some samples of his character. The Portuguese has showed conciliatory and motivated in his statements, in which it has opted by esquivar the hottest subjects of the Barcelona actuality.

Like this, the one of Lisbon avoided to speak on Cristiano Ronaldo, commenting that "I have not spoken with him on my traspaso, have not had time". Besides, it was very brief in his opinion on the situation of Neymar: "I have not asked him if it remains or it goes , it is of the Barça and expect to have he this season".

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