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Minors of 23 years

The best reliefs for Dani Alves and Jordi Alba in the side

Published:4/05/2016 - 20:02h

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The FC Barcelona poses this summer renew his defence and inside this remodeling goes in the one of the sides. With Dani Alves ready to fulfil 33 years and without spare for Jordi Alba, these are the best options of future

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It is clear that the FC Barcelona will move a lot during this market of signings for, on the one hand retouch his centre of the field and leading and, by another, do a series of signings in his defence that the apuntalen and increase the competition for volver to the same feeling of solidity of the season 2014-2015. It is thus that, after having analysed the possibilities to incorporate to the ten defences with better future of the world-wide panorama, now touches him the turn to the sides.

On the one hand they would be the best carrileros right-handed that would arrive to do with the position to title, litigating with Dani Alves, Aleix Vidal and Sergi Roberto, the surprising novelty this season in this position. These would be the best right-handed sides of less than 23 years:

-Héctor Bellerín
The side gone out of the Masia that is going back crazy to half premier League by his big progression and his physical deployment. In the eliminatory of eighth of final that confronted to Arsenal against the Barça could him see in his plenitud of skills. Blocking to Neymar, putting in difficulties to Jordi Alba in the rises of attack and being one of the best of his team, without any doubt. To his 21 years has the perfect age to go back to Can Barça, learn of Alves and be the side title during the next ten years.

This carrilero Brazilian of 23 years is indisputable headline of the ACE Monaco in the last three seasons. After his periplo by the Real Madrid Castilla, that did not want to retain it, the French group gave him the opportunity to explode. And it go if it did it, as physically it is a show, contributes a lot of height for the aerial game with his 1,88 metre and the polivalencia, that so much likes to "Struggle", is one of his characteristics.

-Matthias Ginter
This side of the Borussia Dortmund leaves the polivalencia of Sergi Roberto, with all the respects to the crack of Reus, to the height of the bitumen. And it is that Ginter of 22 years happened to be leading centre with eighteen years to turn into central defence of the Friburgo in front of a spectacular plague of injuries. After this, the Dortmund it fichó in 2014 and finish for planting it of side. And here it lives, so much in the right-handed as in the left-handed, giving already ten assistances of goal this season and intercalando these two positions with the ones of central defender and even midfield player. It characterises for being very technical and habilidoso, with a big stride and that has improved in the defensive appearance. The more resembled Alves in the market.

-Almany Touré
This carrilero right-handed of twenty years was one of the defenders with better progression inside the European football, always in the quarry of the Monaco. However, different muscular injuries have braked him in dry and do that his performance can be an incógnita. In spite of this, Touré is a beast physically, has good touch and adds with ease to the attack. It is international absolute with Mali.

-Elseid Hysaj
This Albanian of twenty-two years plays in the Naples and can adapt to both bands. More than an offensive side, Hysaj is a footballer to the that likes him save the backs to his mates and no prodigarse a lot in attack. His arrival would be like counterpoint for the carrileros more offensive that has the club, unless it improve in this appearance.

The options in the left-handed lane

Regarding the left sides, would look for new sap that came to grow at the side of Jordi Alba and never with the aim to remove him the place from the first day. Therefore, the signing of a man for this demarcation could not be the one of a player contrasted of face to not creating bad environment in the changing room.

Gone on down FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, to his twenty-two years Wendell would come to be the Dani Alves of the left. Fast, very endowed technically, with good shot of balloon and prodigándose very often in attack. The investment that would have to make the club to bring it (more than 30 millions) would be too high for a player that would not arrive with the vitola to title.

-Lucas Digne
This left-handed side, that is yielded this season in the ACE Rome where has played it almost everything, has woken up the interest of a lot of teams of Europe. His rights belong to Paris Saint-Germain but the footballer would not be by the work to go back to France. It treats of a defender of 23 years, solid, with good technical and offensive deployment.

-Jonny Castro
The canterano of the Celtic that carries several seasons doing it very well in the Galician group. The FC Barcelona does time that follows it since Luis Enrique had it to his charge when it trained to the team celtiña and remained prendado of him. It is a beast physically, polyvalent in both bands and with some tactical concepts that do him on the one hand appear in attack when they need it and recubrir the retaguardia.

-Theo Hernández
It is the more youngster of the list but even so the Barça has him thrown the eye. The brother of the central of the Athletic of Madrid Lucas Hernández is a very complete defender, that serves for all the positions of the defence and with an enormous progression. His age, eighteen years, does him be still an incógnita as it has not given the jump to the first team colchonero.

-Adrián Marín
They are several already the reports that the Barcelona office handles of him. In research of a young side and with projection to occupy the left-handed lane and contest the minutes that leave Jordi Alba, Adrián gives with this profile. It is nineteen years old, it plays in the Villarreal and this season has gone winning a lot of leadership in the team of Marcelino García Toral.


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