Icardi In a party with the Inter of Milan


The Series To prepares for a dance of forwards between several big teams

Published:6/07/2019 - 17:43h

Updated:6/07/2019 - 17:44h

avecinan Changes in the forwards of several important clubs of the Series To. Edin Dzeko Is very near to be new player of the Inter and this would cause an effect dominated with other big tips. Icardi Would finish in the Juventus and Higuaín could go to the Rome

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The market of signings in Italy could begin to move to the big and seems that they could have movements very important in the next days or weeks. The Series To will suffer with almost total security a dance of forwards between some of the best teams of the League. Lto first piece that will initiate this species of effect dominated would be Edin Dzeko.

The forward bosnio of the Rome is very near to arrive to an agreement with the Inter of Milan to play in Giuseppe Meazza the next course. The tip wants a change of airs and the roman group and the interista would be already agreeing the traspaso. The arrival of the ex of the Wolfsburgo to Milan would mean the goodbye of Mauro Icardi with almost total security.

'The Gazzetta dello Sport', this yes, commissions of puntualizar that the signing is not enclosed and that the Inter still has in mind to Romelo Lukaku by under did not attain to convince to the Rome. But if finally all went well, would begin the dance of forwards in the Series To. The season of Icardi in conjoint 'neroazzurro' has been very unstable and the interistas would not see with bad eyes undo of him.

The Argentinian tip could go out if it arrived Dzeko and his more likely destination would be the Juventus of Turín. The 'Vecchia Signora' looks for a forward from does months and the name of Icardi has sounded with strength always. The international albiceleste would be loved to be able to to follow playing in Italy and would see with good eyes play in the Juve.

If the ex of the Sampdoria landed in the Juventus Stadium, Gonzalo Higuaín would leave of the club yes or yes. Maurizio Sarri did not have he all what expected in Chelsea the past campaign and the Argentinian could go out course to Rome. The Romans will look for a 'killer' of guarantees if Dzeko leaves and the option of the 'Pipita' could be the best that offered the market.

The Juve wants to do a team to win the Champions

In this traspaso to three, all the clubs could go out benefited, but the Juve could be the one who more if Icardi left backwards his problems and centred in playing. The goleador Argentinian could be what need the juventinos to be able to win a Champions League that resists them . It would be necessary to see how cuaja with Cristiano Ronaldo, but if both complemented well would be one of the best couples of forwards of Europe.

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