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Ansu, Eric, Kessié... The money that Barça would get for its most transferable players

Published:30/03/2023 - 16:21h

Updated:30/03/2023 - 16:21h

FC Barcelona is going to have the urgent need to sell several footballers in order to comply with Fair Play and thus be able to sign and register new contracts. Those on loan are your best option, but you may also have to make a slightly more 'traumatic' sale with a player from the current squad

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The FC Barcelona has to recess in 200 million euros his mass salarial to fulfil with the Fair Play of LaLiga of face to the next season. This wants to say that until it do not achieve recortar all this money does not go to be able to inscribe players, already are signings or already are new agreements of current footballers of the staff. Gavi, Ronald Araújo and Sergi Roberto, with new renewals, find in this second situation, and Sergio Busquets and Marcos Alonso probably also finish it doing.

The club barcelonista, therefore, goes to need with total security sell to be able to inscribe the mentioned agreements, and obviously also will have to do it if they want to fichar. Iñigo Martínez already has a total agreement with the culés, whereas Ilkay Gündogan, the big aim for the midfield, still could be far, according to his agent. In both cases, the Barcelona want to cover the backs and pretend to put a clause in which both would go yielded earning the signed if no could them inscribe by the Fair Play.

Ilkay Gündogan con el City

In the Catalan entity want to achieve reduce something of mass salarial with a discount of wage of 'heavy weights' as Jordi Alba, Frenkie of Jong or Marc-André ter Stegen, that have the highest wages of the plantel. The same will do with Busquets, that finish agreement and only will renew if it accepts a very important descent, and the same has done already with Sergi Roberto, that has renewed very to the drop.

However, with reductions of wage will not be sufficient and also will do lacking to do box with traspasos. The yielded go to be a good form to begin and could leave a good 'pinch'. Clémet Lenglet, for example, could be already very near to remain in the Tottenham. Samuel Umtiti also could leave several millions after his good course in Italy, whereas Abde, that also has 'ballots' to finish remaining in the Barcelona, could be the one who more effective leave of the three. However, in addition to this also seems that it will be necessary to sell to some footballer of the current staff.

Although it says that Andreas Christensen, Franck Kessié or Ferran Torres are intocables for Xavi Hernández, if it arrived a big offer perhaps any could leave the Camp Nou, as long as they offered him to them also a powerful wage. Others, as Ansu Fati or Eric García, do not seem so untransferable and gives the feeling that if it arrived a good proposal that they accepted, from the FC Barcelona could not too many objections in leaving them go out. But the most important is to know by how much could go out each one to be able to be more near to fulfil with the Fair Play.

Ansu Fati

The extreme has not gone back to be the one who was after his four operations of knee and is the last in the rotation of forwards for Xavi. Although physically it says that it is well, in the field is not marking differences in any appearance of the game. Besides, in case it was little with this, the brutal 'rajada' of his father has put him even more in the 'disparadero' and speaks increasingly of his possible exit.

Ansu Fati hablando con Xavi en un partido

Bori Fati Left clear that his son follows wanting to triumph in Barcelona and that therefore it has not asked still the traspaso, by what Ansu goes to be followed trying it to the end. The problem is that his surroundings already is very fed up and if it keeps on being acting his situation could become unsustainable. Thus, from the club would be had to leave him leave if it arrived an interesting proposal.

From the core of the Fati thinks that 35 million euros would be a generous figure so that it left the Barça given his current situation. Nevertheless, in the Barcelona group mark his sale above this value and want to take out some 50 'kilos' by him. If somebody arrived with this last quantity and his father convinced him to go out, yes there would be a lot of options that the '10' left the club of his life.

Andreas Christensen

The Danish is indisputable for Xavi and for the own FC Barcelona by his impressive performance. It arrived to cost zero past east summer and has turned into one of the most important players of the team. It is one of the central of the campaign in Europe and do without he would not have any sense futbolísticamente speaking.

Nevertheless, economically the sale of Christensen would be the most powerful that can do the Barça at present. There is not plusvalías with him, so all the collected would go to reduce the mass salarial. Besides, although it is a vital footballer and his level is of matrícula of honour, fichara a right side headline and Jules Koundé could go back to the centre of the saga, his course would notice less. Yes it would throw him a lot of in fault like third head office, since Eric does not convince in this so important role, Iñigo Martínez is for seeing what does and Marcos Alonso is more a 'patch' that a regular solution.

Xavi junto a Christensen y Araújo durante un partido

But this summer the money goes to command a lot and is therefore by what in the Camp Nou remain attentive to the offers that can arrive by the Nordic. If somebody put on of the table more than 50 millions would be a sale to consider by all the commented. Besides, it is likely that if somebody puts this money by him also offer him an important wage, probably significantly more than what is winning in the City Condal. In this case, it would be the defender the one who decided what do, although right now it is decided to remain .

Ferran Torres

Although the performance of the Valencian is very underneath of what cost in January of 2022, Xavi follows trusting he and wants him in the staff of face to the course that comes. It is by this faith of the technician by which, in principle, the Barça does not go to listen offers by him. However, the ex of the City does not leave to be an active of market and if somebody decided to put 30 or 40 'kilos' on the table there is not doubt that they would study the proposal.

The one of Foios is by behind Ousmane Dembélé, Raphinha and until of Gavi when the Andalusian plays 'thrown' to left band, and only is by in front of Ansu in the rotation. Therefore, it would not be at all difficult to substitute him giving him more importance to Fati, if it remained , or with Abde if the Moroccan at the end did not leave to do box. What himself is evident is that of these three at least two will remain to have rotation in the bands.

Ferran Torres y Ansu Fati durante el partido ante el Valencia

Eric García

The ex of the City is the last in the rotation of head offices of Xavi from does quite a lot of weeks. Koundé, Araújo and Christensen are clearly by in front of him and seems that the trainer barcelonista also has happened to trust more in Marcos Alonso of defender that in Eric. Besides, the culés have almost fichado to Iñigo Martínez, that will arrive if the Fair Play allows it, by what the '24' would become sixth head office.

With this panorama so desolador, the Barcelona goes to listen all the proposals that can arrive by him. It landed to cost zero the past summer, by what any entry would be entirely to reduce the mass salarial. The problem with this possible exit is that it is almost impossible that somebody want to pay more than 10/15 millions by him with the level that has given this campaign. Therefore, it could not being the best moment for traspasarle, since hardly there would be profit.

Franck Kessié

The costamarfileño is being a very useful resource for Xavi and by the performance that is having on the field could say that it deserves even more minutes of which is enjoying. The problem is that there is not time for all and anybody doubts that Frenkie, Busquets, Pedri and Gavi are by in front of him. It is precisely by this sobrepoblación that there is in the midfield, that will be still greater with the more than possible arrival of Gündogan, by which the exit of the ex of the Milan would not be too traumatic.

Kessié, en un partido ante el United

The profile of Kessié is tremendously interesting and useful, since it is a perfect hybrid of physicist and quality. Nevertheless, it arrived 'free' and it can him take out a lot of rédito economic. Easily they could arrive offers that surpass the 30 'kilos', reason whereby no declares him totally untransferable. He seems that it wants to remain whatever happens, but if they offer him a greater wage was could think it twice.

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