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BOMBA: Toni Freixa reveals the 'galactic' who wants to sign for FC Barcelona

Published:13/11/2020 - 09:17h

Updated:13/11/2020 - 12:13h

Toni Freixa, precandidato to the next elections of the FC Barcelona, spoke on signings desvelando to his favourite and pronouncing on the ones of Memphis Depay and Eric García

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The Managing Commission chaired by Carles Tusquets that directs to the FC Barcelona from the resignation en bloc of Josep Maria Bartomeu and his managerial board gathered this Thursday and later announced that the elections to the presidency of the Barcelona club will be on 24 January 2021. From now, it begins the electoral career in which the applicants will have to develop his campaigns and collect the 2.278 signatures required to be candidates.

Toni Freixa, precandidato to the presidency of the FC Barcelona, went through the microphones of the program Without Grantings, of RKB, to speak on some of the subjects that are on of the table of the club in this previous period to the comicios. One of them were the signings, on which the ex Barcelona director pronounced on names very concrete and 'wetted'.

About the possible incorporations in case that he won the elections, Toni Freixa has clear that one of the names that would stir would be the one of Erling Haaland, forward that with hardly 20 years is shining in the Borussia Dortmund being already one of the best of the world. "If we speak of chromiums, would like me Haaland", ensured, although adding that "I do not want to speak of names, the partner of the Barça wants to know of projects, of serious subjects. No of promises of signings".

On the other hand, Toni Freixa also pronounced on the possible arrivals of Memphis Depay (Olympique of Lyon) and Eric García (Manchester City)​ in January, that would accept that they went carried out by the Managing Commission chaired by Carles Tusquets. "I do not have inconvenient, if it is in favourable conditions for the club, in that the Managing Board fiche to Memphis Depay and Eric García", said.

The precandidato to the elections of the FC Barcelona showed optimist in this regard of the future of the club. "The sportive management of the last years has not been the best but, in spite of everything, have arguments to follow winning", signalled, adding that "the club is in a delicate economic situation by the pandemia and by a mistaken management. It has thought only in the income, while they shot the costs".

The renewal of Leo Messi

Toni Freixa also pronounced on Leo Messi, that finish agreement in June of 2021 and that it wanted to terminate the past summer, with Josep Maria Bartomeu at most mandator. "Messi has to continue in the Barça and think that he wants to. It is necessary to speak with him and sure that they can him offer the suitable conditions so that it was happy. I think that the his does not go of money", sentenced.

Next match of FC Barcelona

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