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The ideal richt back at the perfect moment: Barça must go all out for Joao Cancelo

Published:10/03/2023 - 16:50h

Updated:10/03/2023 - 19:35h

Joao Cancelo could be the 'covered' for the right side of FC Barcelona. The Portuguese's days are numbered at City, where he hasn't finished well with Guardiola, and at Bayern, where he's been on loan since January, it seems they don't want to buy him. Barça is already probing this operation that could fit both in football and economic terms

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The FC Barcelona needs with urgency a right side headline and the Bayern of Munich opened him opened wide open a door that seemed to be enclosed. The muniqueses carried to Joao Cancel yielded of the Manchester City in January and saved an option of purchase that expected to use in summer. However, the luso has not adapted so well as it expected to the team and right now the Bavarians neither would pose pay the 70 million euros that would cost his signing.

The picture of Julian Nagelsmann plays with a system of three head offices and two carrileros that could go him of 'perlas' to the Portuguese if it was not because Kingsley Eat seem immovable in the right and Alphonso Davies is indisputable in the left. Like defender by the right does not have experience neither capacity to shine, by what his options reduce and therefore it is playing little. By all this, the ones of Munich do not want to disburse tantísimo money by which now is an acting.

The Barça has to take advantage of of the situation of Cancel

If all continue on its course, Cancel will go back to the City in summer, where neither seems to have place with Pep Guardiola. The technician left to use him of usual form does months and seems that the relation between both is not good, by what his future does not seem to be in Manchester. Here it is precisely where has to go in the Barça, that has to fichar a right-handed side and that it could take advantage of of all east wrap.

Joao Cancelo en un partido con el Bayern Múnich

The group barcelonista already has the operation in mind and Joao would have received the "ok" of Xavi Hernández and of the entity culé. It is missing to see which price put him the 'cityzens', but if the situation with his Guardiola no reconduce, something quite likely knowing the character of the of Santpedor, the English will have to go down enough his pretences. In January asked him to the Bayern no less than 70 'kilos', that is what included in the clause of purchase after agreeing a cession.

In summer, if the stage of Cancel in Munich does not go well and the Bavarians do not buy him, something more than possible, in Manchester will have to reconsider his posture on the available price of the luso. Perhaps they have to ask 40 or 50 if for real they want to undo of him of definite form, or can that they go back to accept a loan going down the option of purchase. What is sure is that the Portuguese no longer costs the same that cost does some months by all what is happening and of this has to take advantage of the Barcelona.

The culés, that right now have difficult can fichar in the market veraniego by a question of 'Fair Play', will work to attain this margin and like this reinforce the positions that need to reinforce. One of them, perhaps the most urgent, is the one of side. Thus, in the Barcelona entity have to presionar what can by the luso, since they could carry to a carrilero elite, ofensivamente one of the best of the world, by enough less than what could cost in normal conditions.

I cancel, the perfect side for the Barça

Joao Cancel has all the qualities that looks for the Barça in a side in the offensive section. It is fast, technically seems more extreme that defence, takes out very well the balloon played, has one against one, good arrival from backwards, good foot to centre and has won a lot of in his reading of the game after his years with Guardiola. It could be a differential factor for the orphan right band barcelonista and could 'shatter' to the rival sagas with Ousmane Dembélé or Raphinha, that would play by in front of him.

Joao Cancelo en un partido del Bayern

In defence, the Portuguese has more problems and still has distractions that can cost points. It has improved a lot in the City beside Pep and now is much solider, but follows without being his strong. Nevertheless, with Jules Koundé and Ronald Araújo in the centre of the saga, has to the two better 'bodyguard' that it can have in case to commit some error.


It is necessary to say also that Cancel could be a solution of 'carats' for the left-handed side in case of need. In Manchester has played a lot here, where marks the difference to leg changed. In the FC Barcelona, Alejandro Balde is titularísimo in this side, but if it finish going out Jordi Alba and Marcos Alonso happened of form more definite to the centre, the luso would surrender here wonderfully.

Another subject of the that it is necessary to speak is the age of the of Barreiro, that has still 28 years and could surrender to big level during four or five more if it takes care . This, therefore, would not have to be any problem for the culés, that will fix more in the wage that ask. His caché is high, but the fact to come 'hammered' for feeling refused in Manchester and Munich could do that 'forgive' something of money with such to claim in the Camp Nou.

Joao Cancelo en un duelo Bayern

Jorge Mendes could approach to Cancel to the Barça

In addition to all the mentioned, fits recalcar that his agent is Jorge Mendes, that has a big relation with Joan Laporta, something that could help to close his signing. Any help is welcome and is evident that between two proposals that can be similar, have become friends with the Portuguese representative always will be a 'plus'.

They are a lot of pros to try close the signing of Cancel and in Barcelona do not have to leave happen this opportunity. The carrilero carries years in the diary of the blaugrana, but never arrived to concretise at all clear. Now yes there are real options to be able to reinforce with him to a reasonable price and it is necessary to exhaust all the options so that this possibility finish concretising in certainty.

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