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The three factors that would lead Messi's return to Barça

Published:30/03/2023 - 11:59h

Updated:1/04/2023 - 09:48h

The return of Leo Messi to Barça remains in expectation for the summer market. Although the financial situation of the club is not the best, there are three factors that would help the Argentine to get the go-ahead

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The FC Barcelona has a leaf of route traced for each one of the footballers that wishes to incorporate next summer. For anybody is a secret that the aims that more like to the sportive direction are those that are in the straight final of his agreement and that they can cause an immediate impact inside the alignments of Xavi Hernández. There are several names on the table but in the breast of the club would be the one of Leo Messi the one who greater feelings ocasiona.

And it is that the Argentinian is in the final months of his agreement with the PSG and to day of today has not given any signal to want to renew of face to the 2023/24. The title of champion of the world has elevated his caché and in France have not found the formula to convince him to remain by more time in the Park of the Princes, what leaves the open door so that the Barça try to hire him. However, there are three key points that have to suceder for his turn concretise after 30 June.

Messi has to give the "himself"

The first of them is that the own Messi give the seen well to return. Although the occurred with the famous burofax and his sudden exit owing to the adjusted normative of LaLiga left portrayed to the club, the true is that before in Barcelona step for ficharle has to exist clarity on his wishes. From the MLS and Saudi Arabia have interested in hiring him and still there is not any answer by part of the rosarino to such pretences.

On the other hand, his family plays a crucial paper in his decisions and would want to restart his life in the City Condal during the last years of his career. Xavi Hernández also would be a key piece in his landing, since in spite of having always the open doors of the club would be unfeasible his return without the will of all the parts.

'Summit' with Laporta

His deafening course left big asperezas in his relation with Joan Laporta, a fundamental appearance so that his return was a fact. Messi always believed in him and, in fact, has been the only president by which has attended personally to the elections to confirm his vote of confidence. Nevertheless, after all the occurred with his renewal there was something that broke between the two and still there has not been reconciliation.

The two parts understand that the only form to finish with this tension is to organise an expensive meeting to face in which they can clear all his differences. Both parts still are distanciadas but from the breast of the Barça recognise that they are people that can leave backwards all if the aim is common.

Fit his wage in the Fair Play

Already finally it is the high mass salarial of the staff. The Barcelona needs to reduce the wages in 200 millions through discounts and millionaire sales that give oxygen to the arks of the institution, something that today seems complicated by the difficulties to inscribe to Gavi, update the index card of Ronald Araújo and renew to Alejandro Balde.

Mateu Alemany And company have a lot of work by in front although the own 'Flea' accept to reduce considerably his emolumentos to fit it in the scale salarial Barcelona. They exist formulas like offering him a percentage of the profits that have the club by his return or of the own sponsors to join up his index card, but everything will go through that the patronal custodiada by Javier Thebes of the seen well to his incorporation. If all the stages attain to coincide, his return will be one of the big news for the balompié world-wide.

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