Sergio Bouquets argues with Mandzukic in the final of the Champions


Alves And Bouquets find in the final of Champions

Published:3/06/2017 - 21:39h

Updated:3/06/2017 - 21:39h

A lot it had spoken in the previous hours of the relation between Dani Alves and Sergio Bouquets, and of if they would greet in the lawn. After a start with normality, the first played that shared in the field finish with yellow for the central

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One of the histories of the previous of the final of Champions was the one of Dani Alves and Sergio Bouquets. To both players asked after them a presumptive bad relation, fruit of his clashes in the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid and a fault of understanding out of the terrains of game.

In spite of everything, Bouquets explained in press conference that would not have problems with the Brazilian, and this also answered that in spite of not sharing opinions both would be professional.

In the lawn of the Millennium Stadium of Cardiff went back to find , and after the pasamanos initial, the one who went out worse stopped of the encontronazo was the central sevillano. Around the half hour of game, a ridden of Alves finished with a brusque entrance of Bouquets, that saw the yellow card by his action.

A lot of tension for Felix Brych

The decisions of the referee of the final, Felix Brych, were protested by one and another edict during all the party, although the referee tried to keep a criterion balanced. Like this, in the first-half, Dybala was admonished by an agarrón to Kroos, whereas Bouquets and Carvajal saw cardboard by both entrances to players of the Juventus.

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