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Arbeloa And Guti react to the failure of the Barça in Champions

Published:11/04/2018 - 00:42h

Updated:11/04/2018 - 01:29h

Two myths of the madridismo, Álvaro Arbeloa and Guti Hernández, took advantage of to launch some messages through Twitter as a result of the elimination of the FC Barcelona in the round of chambers of UEFA Champions League, to hands of the Rome

Calendar of FC Barcelona

The failure of the FC Barcelona in UEFA Champions League no only has had repercussion in the barcelonismo in shape of criticisms, but also in the madridismo, that has taken it to him with sense of the humour and, also, with a lot of surprise. The Barça fell goleado this Tuesday in the Olympic of Rome (3-0) and remained deleted of the European competition by third consecutive year.

The form in which the Rome humiliated to the FC Barcelona surprised to all the world, and is not of extrañar that multiple personalities related with the world of the football expressed his opinion through the networks. Two of them were Guti Hernández and Álvaro Arbeloa, myths of the madridismo that is not the first time that tuitean after a desatre Barcelona.

Guti And Arbeloa did not do blood

Guti, that is trying to triumph now in the benches like trainer, ensalzó the work of Eusebio Gave Francesco, the trainer of the Rome, by his planning and strategy to hurt to the FC Barcelona. "Spectacular the trainer of the Rome,this is to schedule well a party. BRAVO", went the message launched by Guti through the networks, without doing blood with the Barça.

Regarding Arbeloa, remembered with his 'tweet' to Gerard Hammered in the day in that the Real Madrid fell deleted by undue alignment in the Glass of Rey, with a message in which there were not words but so only 'emojis'. The face of surprise and consternation, famous for appearing in the picture 'The Cry' of Münch, went the 'emoji' chosen by Arbeloa to reflect the elimination of the Barça.

Any of the two did blood, when the true is that they could have it done. Because the FC Barcelona, by game and winning mentality, did not deserve another thing that the elimination this Tuesday in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, throwing by embroiders it the good work made previously during all the season in this competition.

The Barça has to centre in League and Glass

Now to the barcelonistas comes them an end of season complicated, that however will be able to fix as long as they achieve to raise the titles of LaLiga Santander -very encarrilada- and the Glass of Rey, tournament in which the Seville will expect them in the final. The culés will not be able to trust any of the parties that subtract of campaign... It sucedido This Tuesday in Rome is the proof.

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