Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller greet  after a victory of the Bayern


The Bayern heats the crossing with the Madrid speaking of the arbitration

Published:23/04/2018 - 19:37h

Updated:24/04/2018 - 02:23h

It will not centre his eliminatory in the arbitration, but the Bayern of Munich has left that it is a question that concerns him a lot against the Real Madrid. After the last controversial 'merengues', the Bavarians have left to fall that they expect justice in Champions

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After a brief rest, the Champions League takes action, and this week will contest the two meetings of gone of the semifinals. Anfield And the Allianz Sand already prepare for what will be two very equalised clashes, and that they could decide the denouement of face to the turn.

So much the Liverpool-Rome like the Bayern of Munich-Real Madrid will be duels of high voltage, and the crosses of statements have produced from the same draw. In Germany the majority of messages go directed to a subject, and is that there is fear to that the errors go back to appear equal that occurred in the recent crosses.

Kimmich And Müller, concerned by the arbitration

Two figures of the Bavarian group, as Joshua Kimmich and Thomas Müller, have left to fall that it will be necessary the referee's equality so that all have the same options to happen. To the germanos concerns them especially the controversy that the past course left them went in chambers, and like this have reflected it in his words.

"We are decided to arrive to the final. The past year had bad luck with the arbitration", aimed the side, whereas the attacker warned that "against the Real Madrid do not go us to give at all". "We go with the high morals. The party arrives in a moment ideal. We are in a big moment. We remain joined, the quality is very high and win them to win are enormous", has recalcado igualemente the forward.

Matthaüs Neither fía

The one who does some days pronounced in the same sense was a figure of the German football, Lothar Matthaüs, that signalled like determinant to Cristiano Ronaldo but also to the referees, since to these heights anybody can allow failures. For the one of Erlangen, will be an interesting battle.

"When you are in chambers, semifinals or a final, the football is so hard that the small things mark the differences. A referee pitó the penalti and another did not have it pitado", analysed with regard to the discussion against the Juventus. Having the record of does some months, more voucher that was an eliminatory calm.

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