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The anecdotes of several referees that pitaron a Classical

Published:23/10/2021 - 12:09h

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If there is something that define to the Classical of the Barcelona and the Madrid is that they always will have histories that explain. Now the referees of past parties give them to know

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Eduardo Iturralde González, Luis Medina Cantalejo and César Muñiz Fernández, are three referees of First already withdrawn Division that have remembered in the morning of this Saturday, several anecdotes that lived of the classical Barça-Madrid in an interview that conceded him to the program The Crossbar, of the chain BE.

Iturralde Commented the first classical that pitó, in 1999 was in the Camp Nou. "In the minute 20 there was an entrance of Roberto Carlos to Figo of red. I expelled it and it did not happen at all... I saw the action, no the player", said.

"It approached me Panucci and said me: 'but how a so young referee can pitar a party like east?' It said it to me he, that would have to have 22-23 years. I can not pitar a party like this and you yes can play it?, I thought", it added.

Iturralde Also spoke of variosa players, between them to Xavi Hernández on which mentioned that "it was very heavy. It was a locutor of radio that did not stop... It could be 90-94 minutes speaking... That it go faltita pitas, that looks what has happened... It was very heavy".

With regard to Iker Boxes commented that "in the 5-0 of the Camp Nou, Boxes, in the rest said me: Itu, want you a lot, but no us pites more". Also, of this party, remembered what said him Iniesta, already in the straight final of the party, after the expulsion of Sergio Bouquets by a 'hachazo' to Messi: "I say Him to Andrés, 'how are the players? And it said me: Itu, calm, enjoy'".

Besides, the ex referee remembered what said him Ronaldinho after the exhibition of the Barça in the Bernabéu (0-3), in which the Brazilian annotated a doublet: "What, has liked you the goal? It was like Roberto Carlos. In the field enjoyed for real".

Medina Cantalejo

Luis Medina Cantalejo pitó his first classical in 2002. On the same remembered that "a classical is the baptism of blood for a referee, is the most important moment in our sportive life".

CantalejO pitó The classical where the public of the Camp Nou loaded duramente against Figo, that returned to Barcelona with the T-shirt of the merengues. "Memory that approached me Michel Salgado to demand me a fault that I already there was pitado, but did not listen at all, the truth. It was impressive".

It added that in said appointment there was "a lot of warming" and also that "it would have to give a matrícula of honour to the photographer that hunted to the cochinillo because anybody saw it... It approached me Roberto Carlos, saying me that had launched him a ball of golf".

And it added: "Anybody thought that the referee went to stop the party, but did it. This day, in the field, felt me very alone. When going back, said him to the players that taken care with the simulations (the oven was not for buns). Puyol Helped me, was glorious".

It remembered also that in a moment of the party directed him Cocu and said him: "it hears, why it does not take out the corner another player that was not Figo. How?, I said him. It walks, it follows pa'lante. No coló what said me". And on Xavi, said the same that Iturralde: "it was a fly cojonera, did not say at all badly, did not be, but went back you crazy. It came by behind, by in front, it was a continuous".

What said Fernández

César Muñiz Fernández debuted in the classical in the Bernabéu with a 1-1 and expelled to Michel Salgado. Also it had to lidiar with the restlessness of Zidane and Luis Enrique. "The party was very revolutionised, until the point that Makelele threw of the pelos to a player of the Barça, do not remember now to who".

Equally, it ensures to have been I arbitrate in one of the classical between Mourinho and Guardiola and could listen to the then trainer of the Real Madrid increpándole to the players. "I listened a bronca monumental of the Portuguese to his footballers".

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