Ernesto Valverde is dosificando to Paulinho


Ernesto Valverde hints of his strategy with Paulinho

Published:9/04/2018 - 21:53h

Updated:10/04/2018 - 02:29h

Paulinho Has been a very important player since it arrived to the FC Barcelona. That's why Ernesto Valverde wants that it arrive fresco of face to this end of season, reason by which has contrived him a personalised plan

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Paulinho Began his career like player of the FC Barcelona with a formidable level, but from does some weeks that the Brazilian is not the same of the principle of season. It does months contributed goals and a physical deployment that translated in offensive and defensive presence, but últmamente is not neither so cool neither so hit as in his starts in the Camp Nou.

The physical fatigue is azotando to Paulinho since it arrived to the FC Barcelona without resting after making the season with the Guangzhou, by what now is suffering the physical consequences of the quilómetros that carry his legs. What in his arrival turned into an advantage because it awarded him rhythm, now him ocasiona one overloads of minutes that do that it can not surrender the same of well that at the beginning.

Valverde Reserves to Paulinho

Ernesto Valverde knows that Paulinho can be a key player to win the titles that carry working during all the year and acts in consequence. After the stop of international selections, Paulinho solamenteha been headline in the party against the Seville that finished with tie to two. In the other meetings has split from the bench or has not played.

Although it is true that the descent of performance of the Brazilian has been an important reason by which now has fewer minutes, also is it the need that it recover the physical tone. Paulinho Does not rest from does a year and half and his body is paying it. The last rests and exits from the bench can be a clear track on the paper that reserves him to final of season.

The true is that Valverde needs to recover this figure of the mediapunta llegador that surprises from second line and that deploys physically to help in defence. That is to say, it needs to recover to this lung that so important was in the first months of competition. The fact that it add minutes without playing complete parties is proof of this.

Third goleador of the Barça

Another of the reasons that leave clear the importance of Paulinho is that it keeps on being the third maximum realizador of the FC Barcelona in the present season with eight so many, only surpassed by Leo Messi, that carries 39 and Luis Suárez, with 26 targets. Something that served him to turn into a key piece of the team and in a big expert in desatascar split.

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