Luis Suárez, during the press conference of goodbye with the Barça


Suárez confesses: His exit of the Barça, Koeman, Bartomeu, Messi...

Published:5/02/2021 - 00:52h

Updated:5/02/2021 - 01:02h

Luis Suárez offered an interview to 'The Transistor' of Wave Zero in which it spoke on his controversial exit of the Barça in the summer and the big moment that lives in the Atleti

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Luis Suárez has broken the silence after all his vivencias in the last six or seven months. The Uruguayan lived a very moved summer in the middle of his exit of the FC Barcelona with destination to the Athletic of Madrid. In an interview with 'The Transistor' of Wave Zero, the forward of the Athletic of Madrid spoke on how has felt in the Spanish capital, his last days in the Barça and how felt when Ronald Koeman communicated him that it did not form part of his plans.

The Barcelona picture him 'gave' to the Atleti to a player that the best that does is to mark goals. In the last months, has showed his best version like goleador, under the orders of the 'Cholo' Simeone, turning into the maximum artilleryman of LaLiga, with 14 so many in what it goes of campaign. The 'Gunman' has showed that it still remains a lot of football in his boots and that, without place to doubts, the Barça made a mistake when leaving him leave.

The forward 'colchonero' took advantage of to speak on the difficult that went the moment in which they communicated him that the Barça did not explain more with him, after the arrival of Ronald Koeman to the bench. "When the Barça said me that it did not explain with me was hard, no expected it to me, went moments very difficult by theforms ... It called me Koeman and said me that it did not explain with me", remembered.

"In the Barça said me that it did not go to train, I said them that while had agreement would train"

Suárez also has said that no him recriminó to the Dutch trainer his decision and understood it, but seated him badly. However, it remembered him to Koeman that he had agreement and needed that it was the club that communicated him that finally it did not go to be part of the staff, of face to the season 2020-2021. It has said that in "the Barça said me that it did not go to train, I said them that while had agreement would train" and that finally the club did not give him any explanation by the decision leave him split, "only said me that it was a decision of the trainer", determined.

Regarding the resignation of Josep María Bartomeu like president of the Barça, said that it did not surprise him, because "by something give the things", highlighting that in his presidency "did not do the things as they have to do in a club like the Barcelona", by what the 'huída' of the ex mandator was a need, by what lived sportive and economically in the club.

Suárez agrees of Messi

It was a decision that accepted, but did not understand, to the equal that the rest of the barcelonismo, incluído his fellow and ex mate, Lionel Messi: "No alone Messi, a lot of barcelonistas did not understand the decision...I what did not want to was to be a problem", recognised Suárez in the interview. Of 'The Flea' spoke on his present and future, aiming that it keeps contact with him and that, in fact, had spoken during the Thursday, on the victory of the Barça. "This afternoon I have spoken with Messi, was very happy by the victory of yesterday. It is to a spectacular level, is the best of the world".

It has not left to happen the immediate future of the Argentinian, that finishes his agreement with the group barcelonista and still has not decided what will do in his future, if it will remain in Barcelona or will undertake a new challenge to level futbolístico. "Messi will withdraw where he want to, he will be able to decide already was in the Barcelona, in Argentina, China, United States or where was. Finish together Leo and I? The same in some friendly...", it aimed. Besides, it has recognised that it sees arguing with his fellow in a party between the Atleti and Barça, but that out of the field would finish the rivalry.

"Messi will withdraw where he want to, he will be able to decide already was in the Barcelona, in Argentina, China, United States or where was"

The 'Gunman' also has referred to that, unlike what publishes in the press, in any moment he or Leo took some decision. "Messi and I did not take decisions in the Barça", said, reconociéndo that even to him never asked him absolutely at all and that, in the case of 'The Flea', he denied to give his opinion. On the other hand, it said that "clear that miss to Messi, were very together and odd chat with him".

Regarding the agreement of Leo Messi, spread by The World in the last week, has showed contrariado, because it considers that it was something unnecessary and very negative. "I do not understand that it publish an agreement, something so private, do not know who has been able to be but this only knew it few people...", highlighting the importance of the star of Rosary for the club: "Messi has given him to the Barcelona all, more than what has been able to him give any another player", sentenced.

A 'new' Suárez in the Atleti

In addition to speaking on his step in the Camp Nou, the Uruguayan forward has showed very happy by the stage that is living in the Spanish capital, where has gone back to explode like goleador. It has recognised the big contribution and work of the 'Cholo' Simeone to help him to recover his best version in the field. "Simeone Is of these trainers that convinces you by his win, by his positivism and by all what knows of this", recognised.

Finally, Suárez spoke of the illusion that would be to win a new Champions League, this time dressing the elastic rojiblanca. "The Champions me ilusiona like the League; have the spine of the Champions because the Atleti has not achieved it and would be to go in in his history".


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