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The father of Neymar, conclusive: "My son never disrespected PSG"

Published:15/07/2019 - 16:37h

Updated:16/07/2019 - 15:40h

The statements of Neymar through which considered that the traced back of the Barça in front of the PSG in Champions League is one of his best memories bring tail. The Brazilian received hard critical thus and his father has gone out to defend him

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Neymar Goes back to be in the eye of the hurricane in Paris Saint-Germain, this time for expressing that his best memory like footballer was one of the most black episodes of the history of the French team. "The first is when I won the Olympic games with Brazil (2016). The second is the 'traced back' against the PSG in the eighth of final of the League of Champions of 2017", said,in the program Oh My Goal.

Of course, these words did not like in Paris Saint-Germain, and much less when treating of a memory in which it was player of the FC Barcelona, a team with which the Parisians have tension, in a duel that finish being a humiliation for them. The criticisms to the figure of Neymar were conclusive. 

That's why his father went out to defend him through a publication of Instagram. "In any moment was missing to the respect to the PSG or to the players that contested this party in 2017, some of which are his mates in the French club. From the end of this game until the day of today, always remembers this party like one of the most important of his career", commented.

Neymar Senior Left clear that the criticisms to his son are totally malintencionadas, since in any moment spoke to generate controversy. "Attribute this spontaneous and honest demonstration to a provocation to his current club is a wanton attitude, that does not have another intention more than wanting to find controversy where does not exist", followed.

On the other hand, it remembered that this meeting was a before and an afterwards for Neymar, that put to the team to the back and attained a traced back historical. "They are not few the journalists and fans of all the world that consider this party like which more marked to the player defending a club. Then, why the controversy this time?", it finalised.

And it is that Neymar was the leading total of this party. No only it marked two goals, but it gave the assistance of the 6-1 definite and went a puñal constant for the Parisian defence. It is totally comprehensible that this moment went tremendously special for him and in this bases the defence of his father.

The publication of Neymar Senior

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"Reportagens Published há anus, respostas ditas há anus, voltarãor to falar as fosse uma indireta? Repercutir com um outro Context??? Meu filho em Moment algum faltou com respeito ao PSG ou aos athlete that disputaram aquela split em 2017, alguns deles, seus companheiros of clube atualmente no clube francês. From or final daquele jogo tied hoje hoje, ele sempre recorda desta split like uma give mais important gives sua carreira, as mostram ace imagens deste post. No last Saturday, em uma interviews made during ace finais do @redbullneymarjrsfive , lhe foi perguntado: "Qual to melhor memória that você tem do vestiário?". Or athlete citou dois moments, or vestiário do olympic title of 2016 and or gives Traced back em 2017, moments icônicos of sua carreira. Attribute this manifestaçãor ESPONTÂNEA And HONEST to uma provocaçãor ao seu atual clube é uma atitude maldosa, that nãor tem outra intençãor senãor to to want to find polêmica onde ela nãor exists. NãOr sãor poucos you jornalistas and torcedores em all or world that consideram this game to mais marcante do athlete defendendo um clube, ele mesmo já manifestou consider this, nãor to maior, uma of suas big atuaçõis. EntãOr by that to polêmica desta time ? By that trazer isso this memória like provocaçãor ? Relembrar um Mark em sua carreira nãor pode be considered desrespeito. Meu filho é Athlete do PSG, but nãor pode simplesmente ignore sua história. História That or fez chegar ao clube francês. #neymar #neymarjr

A publication shared of Neymar Pai (@neymarpai_) the14 Jul, 2019 to the 3:42 PDT

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