Sandro Rosell, declaring like president of the FC Barcelona


The jueza orders prison without bail for Sandro Rosell!

Published:25/05/2017 - 16:05h

Updated:25/05/2017 - 17:16h

The ex president of the Barcelona, Sandro Rosell, declared during more than two hours in front of the magistrate of the National High Court, Carmen Lamela, and the jueza has ordered prison without bail for the ex director, accused of bleaching and criminal organisation

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After Sandro Rosell have declared during more than two hours in the National High Court of Madrid, the Fiscalía has requested to the magistrate Carmen Lamela the entry in prison without bail of the ex president of the FC Barcelona, to the one who impute him from this past Tuesday the crimes of bleaching of capitals and criminal organisation.

"The Newspaper of Catalonia" informs that said request would base in the indictment that Sandro Rosell, purportedly, would have bleached 15 million euros in Andorra, pertinent of illicit commissions obtained of the sale of the audiovisual rights of the selection of Brazilian football.

Sandro Rosell took the word during the morning of this Thursday, and also interrogated to the lawyer and Andorran politician Joan Besolí, in addition to to the employer and fellow of Sandro Rosell, Shahe Ohannessian. The question is that, to the cape of some hours, the jueza has accepted the request and has requested the penalty of prison without bail of Rosell, when thinking that exists risk of escape and destruction of proofs.

Uncertainty on the future of Sandro Rosell

It appeared also the grazier Andreu Bouquets, and according to the quoted information was foreseen also that it declared the wife of Sandro Rosell, Marta Pineda. From now, it will be necessary to expect to new informations.

The FC Barcelona, remember, has not pronounced neither thinks to pronounce regarding the subject, taking into account that it treats of some crimes that supposedly committed Sandro Rosell before arriving to the presidency of the club. It does not have at all that see with the signing of Neymar Jr, neither neither with any appearance of his management while it occupied the charge of maximum mandator of the Barcelona club.

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