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Unfair criticism to the Barça by have not been able to convince to Iniesta

Published:27/04/2018 - 16:44h

Updated:27/04/2018 - 19:36h

All the world wanted that Andrés Iniesta continued in the FC Barcelona, especially the directive of Josep Maria Bartomeu. However, it can not treat to convince to somebody that has won with football and honesty his own right to decide

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It is law of life. When somebody has been playing 16 seasons in the first team of the FC Barcelona, has won it absolutely all and besides with the affection of all and sundry, sometime will decide to hang the boots of the club where has made history, was to withdraw or to live a calmer experience before withdrawing .

This Friday touched him to Andrés Iniesta, and after the press conference in which the manchego exposed the reasons of his goodbye of the FC Barcelona, went out to the palestra some critical voices with the managerial board of Josep Maria Bartomeu, when thinking that the president and his directors did not do the sufficient to convince to Andrés that it remained , like minimum, a season more.

False. So much the directive like all the other estamentos of the club (staff, technical body, Ernesto Valverde, technical office, fans...) They wanted to that Andrés Iniesta continued in the FC Barcelona, and surely no only a campaign, but many more. The question is that the one of Fuentealbilla has won , to base of honesty, his own right to decide.

And here it is where goes in the respect. It would have resulted disrespectful that the FC Barcelona had tried to convince or even retain to Andrés Iniesta, when the true is that the manchego already carried long time meditando the option to do the cases.

The FC Barcelona already achieved does some months that Andrés Iniesta signed an agreement vitalicio, by the which the Catalan entity engaged to not to throw him never of the team and leave the authority to go out of the team to the own footballer, the one who will use it to the term of the present season 2017-18.

It is necessary to respect the decision of Andrés Iniesta

And, although it was a sad decision by the a lot that the barcelonismo wants to Andrés Iniesta, precisely therefore it is necessary to respect it. The light critical voices that have listened in some means and in the sportive press, attacking to the directive of Bartomeu by have not achieved a 'himself want to' of Iniesta with regard to his continuity, will have to acallarse.

In these moments, the only that has to do is to respect, applaud and homenajear. To Andrés Iniesta still remain him some parties for playing in the FC Barcelona, and foresees that they are an authentic party, so much in the Camp Nou as to domicile. Respect and unanimous admiration for one of the big magicians of the modern football. And thank you by everything.

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