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The world of the football reacts to the Superliga European

Published:19/04/2021 - 10:28h

Updated:19/04/2021 - 13:13h

The new Superliga European already has been founded and has ocasionado the immediate reaction of clubs, organisms and personalities related to the world of the football

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The new Superliga Europe begins to be a reality after this Monday by the morning announced his foundation by part of twelve of the most important clubs of the world, with the FC Barcelona, Real Madrid or Athletic between the founders. Already they have known the first details of the competition, as his format, date of start and the profits that would bring the competition to the teams, especially to economic level.

The birth of the tournament has ocasionado the reaction of different personalities related to the world of the football, that have positioned so much in favour as against of the Superliga. While some consider that it is the worst that can happen him to the football, others think that it is a big advance so that the clubs can beat the economic crisis in which they have seen envuletos in the last years, more still with the irruption of the pandemia of the coronavirus. In favour or against, all coincide in that it is a competition that will revolutionise enormously to the deport king.

In addition to the reactions of Florentino Pérez, Andrea Agnelli or Joel Glazer, directors of the competition, have added the communiqués of the FIFA or UEFA, that have positioned against of the foundation of the Superliga and keep his posture to sanction to the clubs and players that participate in the tournament. The organism rector of the world-wide football considers to the Superliga like a "league separatista enclosed European" that is out of the "structures futbolísticas international and without respecting the above-mentioned principles" and appeals by the dialogue between the parts involved to arrive to a new agreement that benefit to the football.

Of the same way, the president of France, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, has pronounced , as it informs RMC Sports: "The French State will support all the management of the LFP, the FFF, the UEFA and the FIFA to protect the integrity of the federal competitions, are national or European".

The CEO of the Bundesliga, Christian Seifert, expressed also his opinion: "The DFL refuses any concept of Superliga European. The economic interests of some leading clubs of England, Italy, and Spain do not have to give place to the suppression of the structures established in all the European football. Andn particular, would be irresponsible to damage irremediablemente the national leagues like base of the professional football European of this way. Thus, support on purpose the conjoint statement of the UEFA with the leagues and national associations of England, Italy and Spain".

The Premier League, the League with more teams between the members founders of the Superliga, also refuses completely the competition. In a communiqué published this Sunday, the English aimed that "the fans of any club in England and of all Europe can dream at present with that his team can arrive to the highest and play against the best. We think that the concept of a Superliga European would destroy this dream. The Premier League enorgullece to organise a competition of competitive football and convincente that has turned it into the league more sight of the world. Our success has allowed us do an incomparable financial contribution to the pyramid of the national football".

To his time, have explained that a Superliga European will undermine the appeal of all the game and will have a deeply harmful impact in the "immediate and future perspectives of the Premier League and his clubs members, and of all those in the football that depend on our finance and solidarity to prosper" and that therefore, "will work with the fans, the FA, EFL, PFA and LMA, as well as with other parts interested, in the country and abroad, to defend the integrity and the future perspectives of the English football in the best interest of the game".

Javier Thebes, president of LaLiga, also has 'loaded' against the foundation of the competition, highlighting that "it is is clandestino. Still I have not seen any time speak of this officially to a club, only 10 seconds to Bartomeu. Afterwards I asked immediately to the surroundings of the Barcelona and all said the same: "I do not know, there is something...". "The one who speak that these projects are viable is that, by big employer that can be, does not know the business of the football so much of the juridical field as to the economic level".

The maximum mandator of the Spanish league, after the announcement, expressed in his social networks that "Finally go to go out of the "bar of the five of the morning", of the "secrecy", the "gurus" of the superliga of "powerpoint", embriagados of egoismo and insolidaridad. The UEFA, the European League and LaLiga carry time working in this moment and will have his owed answer".

Some ex players, also against

Roy Kane, ex English player, has aimed that "Think that treats of the money, of greed. And, of course, still we have not listened at all by part of the FIFA. Ojalá This do not succeed".By his part, Micah Richards has said that "But what happens with the fans? The clubs simply have forgotten and are overwhelmed by the money? Honestly, I think that it is an absolute pity".

Gary Neville also has been very critical and expressed that "The Manchester United, the Tottenham and the Arsenal are not neither in places Champions. It is repugnant. The owners of these clubs are some impostors. They do not have at all that do with the football in this country. We are in a pandemia, an economic crisis, and they are doing called by Zoom speaking of more money. It is pure greed, an absolute prank. Leave them that go to a Superliga, but punish them. Duramente, with massive fines, deductions of points, remove them the titles... Relegar To United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Give him his titles to the Fulham or to the Burnley".

Alex Ferguson, historical trainer of the Manchester United, explained that, in his opinion, the Superliga was a big shrinking for the football: "With the United play four finals of Champions and always were the most special nights. Speak of the Superliga is to move away of the last 70 years of European football. Win with the Aberdeen the Recopa of Europe (Ferguson was trainer of the Aberdeen when it won that title in 1983 to the Real Madrid), for a provincial club of Scotland, went like scalar the Everest".

Of the same way, Boris Johnson, British prime minister, published in his account of Twitter his opinion regarding the Superliga, affirming that "it could be very harmful for the football". Besides, it shows his support to the authorities futbolísticas in his reaction. "It could attack the heart of the national leagues and this concerns to fans of all the country. The clubs wrapped would have to answer to his fans and to the community futbolística in general before taking more decisions".

The ECA, organism that represents to 246 European clubs also opone to the creation of the tournament: "The ECA reiterates his commitment declared to work in the development of the model of Competitions of Clubs of the UEFA (UCC) for the cycle that begins in 2024 and the ECA is firmly against of the 'model of Superliga enclosed' that have explained the means", can read in his communiqué. The ECA adds that it will support the new Champions League that expects explain this Monday and warns that "the Executive Board of the ECA will gather in the next days to take appropriate decisions to the light of any future development".

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