The players of Argentina protest to the referee Roddy Zambrano


The AFA presents an official claim to the CONMEBOL by the arbitration of the Brazil-Argentina

Published:4/07/2019 - 09:47h

Updated:4/07/2019 - 09:51h

Argentina was deleted by Brazil in semifinals of the Glass America 2019, and his unrest has had consequences. The AFA has demanded officially to the CONMEBOL by the errors in the arbitration of the party, and besides has highlighted grave failures in the organisation of the tournament

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Brazil surpassed to Argentina to put in the final of the Glass America 2019, and the defeat has had consequences in the 'albiceleste'. The group directed by Lionel Scaloni treated to take out positive conclusions of a clash in which it gave the face in front of one of the big favourites to the title, although it has expressed formally his unrest by several subjects in which it feels prejudiced.

The Association of the Argentinian Football (AFA) presented a formal complaint to the CONMEBOL by the arbitration of the meeting, that did to burst to Leo Messi and other cracks after the pitido final and that received even critical of several referents of the 'canarinha', like a Dani Alves that recognised that the wails of his ex mate and fellow were justified because the referees were "very nervous".

In a text of six pages that published in his web page and that it was remitted to the organism rector, the AFA made a conclusive assessment: "Said reflection finds sustento in all the irregularities warned before and during the mentioned party, where has remained evidenciado that the national selection was clearly prejudiced by the referee's body headed by referee Roddy Zambrano during everything develop him of the party".

"In particular, by the no utilisation of the VAR in two played concrete that had, without doubts, revertido the final result", signals the communiqué, in reference to two possible penaltis to Nicolás Otamendi and Sergio Agüero that were not pitados and that neither reviewed through the technology of video. Special importance had the second of these actions, that arrived before the second so much Brazilian.

The performance of Zambrano is one of the key points of the note, since incide in the "imprudencia" committed when appointing to a professional with negative antecedents in appointments of high level. "It does not possess the technical qualities to direct a party of similar transcendence. There were referee's errors in the party that do not find explanation any", underlines .

The AFA protest by the bad organisation of the Glass America

The AFA also collects some additional protests related with the bad organisation of the tournament, and also aims to the presence of the president Jair Bolsonaro in the stadium of Belo Horizonte and to his influence during the development of the game and in the rest, when it gave a turn on the terrain of game. Other appearances on which invites to reflexionar are the demoras injustificadas in the transport, the low assistance to the stadiums or the bad state of the fields.

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