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Camavinga is loved by the great teams and doesn't close the door to his departure

Published:9/05/2020 - 10:48h

Updated:9/05/2020 - 10:48h

Eduardo Camavinga is Madrid's great goal for this summer, although he also likes it at Can Barça. The Frenchman has spoken about his departure and has left the door open with the intention of leaving in the summer

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Eduardo Camavinga has been one of the big disclosures in the world of the football this season. The French has gone out in the Rennes with alone 17 years and is considered like one of the big jewels of Europe. Those that have seen him play say that it could be the next big French midfield player and therefore half Europe litigates by his signing. It seems that the Real Madrid is the most interested, although the FC Barcelona​ or the Manchester City also have him in his diary.

It says that the crisis of the coronavirus could do that the mediocentro remain a year more in France because of the fault of economic resources that will have the big in Europe. Nevertheless, there is not at all safe and therefore he same has left the open door to his possible exit of the Rennes in summer. The Frenchman has pronounced about his future for the newspaper "Ouest France" in which it has been his first interview since it is professional.

The frank-angolan leaves want by the big that have fixed in him, but ensures that it is happy in the Rennes and that his future is not something that concern him right now. "I do not concentrate me in all this. It likes me that they interest by me those big clubs, but I, by the contrary, do not interest me a lot in this. Especially because I seat me well in Rennes. We will see what happens. I leave to my parents and to my agents manage all this", confirmed.

Questioned sobe what will do in summer with the proposals that arrive him, Camavinga recognised that it does not go to think in this until it finalise this course. "My future will see at the end of the season. I am exclusively concentrated in the football", said. With it Tie it 1 cancelled, his campaign already has finished, but no like this the one of the clubs that ask after he. In July, that seems that it will be when all the European leagues have finish, will see where finish the Frenchman.

An information that arose does some days signalled that the mediocampista would remain sure a year more in the Rennes for having classified for the Champions League. It said that the own footballer arrived to this agreement with the club, but in this interview he commissions to deny it. "If there was a so important agreement in half of season, would know it", communicated, keeping the open door for his course.

Wink to the Madrid with an anecdote

The Madrid seems the team that more goes to insist in his contracting and the player even dared to explain an anecdote in which it did him a small wink to the whites. "In Amiens, in Glass of the League, an opponent said me: 'we Have to change the T-shirt before you go you to the Real Madrid'. It did not have you win to kid because we had lost, but when I think it now amuses me", explained, kidding.

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