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First confessions of Antoine Griezmann after his arrival to Barça

Published:27/07/2019 - 09:41h

Updated:27/07/2019 - 09:41h

He has been in FC Barcelona for some weeks, but Antoine Griezmann is excited with all that he can achieve in the Camp Nou. The french has confessed himself in several interviews, in which he has analysed several aspects relative to his signing

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The FC Barcelona has reinforced with quality this summer, and his more important signing to date is the one of Antoine Griezmann. The one of Macon put end to several months of serial and left Wanda metropolitan, after the payment of a clause of rescission of 120 million euros that allowed him step forward in his career and mudarse to the Camp Nou. Now, it has confessed in several interviews, and in the newspaper 'Sport' has explained how feels after his first weeks like Barcelona.

The French has admitted that the first days were hard, but that has adapted well to the football of touch that estila in the club: "The balloon goes fast of a side to the another. It is the football that have in the legs, goes out me natural. What more costs me is the pressure forward, since it was not accustomed and have to improve. We work after the loss. It likes us be in the area and it is necessary to make the pressure up. I have to see videos to improve and playing more minutes will be easier to learn".

Questioned on his ideal position in a theorist eleven, has not wanted to limit, and has put to the service of the team: "Already I did of nine in the Athletic some time, although it played more with an in front mine forward. I am for the team and what need the míster or the group. They know that I can play by the left, right or inside. There is not problem. It likes me feel me important for the changing room and the míster. I think that from the first minute that arrived to the sportive city has been like this, the most important is to do goals and give assistances".

"I want to be an important player in the present and future, ojalá can help to the club to grow and the club help me to grow to me also. Go of the hand to achieve a lot of things", has underlined on his expectations, and act followed has happened to signal some of his aims after landing in the City Condal. The titles are his big ambition and knows that it is in an ideal place to aim some trophies in his list of winners.

"LaLiga Seems easy because the Barça wins it year after year, but is very difficult. I want it and also the Champions"

"We are speaking of the Champions because we do not achieve it, but the League also is very difficult. I carry playing from the 18 years and have not won any. It is very complicated. It seems easy because they win it year after year, but is very difficult. And the Champions, neither explain you. All the powerful teams of Europe want it. But a played, in a bad day win you and are deleted. All the glasses are objective and the Champions also", has recalcado.

Griezmann Has not wanted to pronounce on the complaint of the Athletic of Madrid, although it has admitted that it is a painful question: "I do not put me to think. It hurts me this subject, but is like this. They are things of the football. I am calm. Only I think in the Barça and try learn the pressure up and improve. If never there would be fichado by the Real Madrid? We can not speak of this, of what would suppose or could be. The same it could be player of basket... They are things that does not do lacking to comment".

The Frenchman also has referred to the serial that supposed his incorporation, and has explained that after so much wrap, understands that the fans was not entirely convinced with his arrival. This yes, has the perfect recipe to win the confidence of the culés: "I Can understand that some people was angered, will try to give turn with assistances and goals. Have win to check the connection with the fans, that she enjoy and I enjoy of them".

Griezmann Dreams with triumphing in the Barça of Messi

Regarding proper names, Griezmann has showed ilusionado for being able to share changing room with the big stars of the Barça, and has warned that the competition does not suppose him a problem. It is had to enjoy with all the cracks, and even opens the door to the arrival of others like Neymar: "there is not problem, if no, had not come. Have many win to know to Leo, to play with him, with Luis Suárez, Ousmane Dembélé...".

"Very well, on the paper sounds very well, afterwards will be necessary to do it very well in the field, but trust we, in the changing room. Also they are Ousmane, Malcom, Philippe... There is a lot of offensive level, sure that will help to the team to win a lot of things. Neymar Is a crack world-wide, a top player, then can fit in the Barça. We will see if it does , there are a lot of things in a traspaso", has valued on his possible companions in the front of attack.

In relation to the possible return of the Brazilian, the tip has been questioned by an alignment with four forwards, and has commented that the defensive facet is another factor that can explode: "it will have seen my parties with the Atleti... By me, there is not problem, on the contrary. Those that more balloons win defensivamente, better seat me, more confidence gives me. There is not problem by me and by the mates. The work and effort that needs to win it all will be without problem".

"Already I have visualised my connection with Messi, mount you a film and of course sees very well"

Thinking in his adaptation, the ex of the Athletic has admitted that it already has begun to relate with Luis Suárez, and that thinks that will get along by his connection with the Uruguayans, with which has coexisted in all the stages of his career. It does not fear him to the competition, but when they speak him of names, there is one by which feels special weakness: "The words of support of Messi gave me a lot of happiness. It is the best. When the best speech, all the world listens. He knows. That it said this of me gave me a lot pride".

"Have many win to coincide finally with him. I want to know him, see how is in the trainings, to play with him, that we do walls, give assistances, will be very bonito.lo have visualised when I am in the bed, in the trainings, by videos. You do you the film and sees well", has confessed, revealing that the possibility to play beside the Argentinian was one of the key factors in his signing by the Barça.

Finally, also it has spoken on his connection with Ousmane Dembélé: "we carried Us very well, in the selection and now. It arrived a week before to train and sees win them that has to be an important player. Here we will be to help and was happy, that have confidence in the field and out of him. Each player has had problems in the starts of his career, I had them and have improved and learnt. He is intelligent, knows how goes the thing and are to help him, grow and was very important because has a lot of talent".

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