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Giuliano Poser speaks on the keys of the diet of Messi

Published:28/04/2016 - 10:23h

Updated:28/04/2016 - 11:03h

The famous nutricionista that elaborates the diets of Leo Messi, Giuliano Poser, has conceded an interview in which it has explained some of the secrets of the diets that uses with the player of the FC Barcelona and other sportsmen of elite

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The nutricionista of Leo Messi, Giuliano Poser, has conceded an interview to "MD" in which it has desvelado some of the secrets of the skilled diet that follows from does year and half the Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona, and that has allowed him recover his best physical level. Poser, skilled doctor in sportive medicine that attends to his patients in a humble and picturesque village of Sacile, is not very fellow of the press.

"The majority arrives until here with the intention of indagar in foolishnesses and take out information of my famous patients", ensures, before explaining in what consists the method that uses with his patients to improve his performance through a healthy diet and adapted to his needs. "It calls kinesiología applied, and consists in making a study of the strength of the muscles of the sporty and from the results that launches this study, dictaminar the treatment, that is specific for each person, although the base always is a good feeding".

The main key is to carry out a good feeding. "There is a group of five foods to which I define like petrol súper: water, a good oil of olive, integral cereals and fruits and biological cool vegetables, or was no contaminated with pesticidas, herbicides and other, because this does a lot of damage to the organism. Also they are very good the nuts and the seeds".

It ensures that it is necessary to avoid in the greater possible measure the sugar. "It is the worst that there is for the muscles. While more far it was of the sugar, better. The flours refinadas also are a big problem, basically because nowadays it is very difficult find a grain of healthy wheat, without contaminating". The meat, besides, asks that it was "in the just measure. A lot less than what usually eat the Argentinians and Uruguayans, because it is a difficult food to digest for the organism".

A good feeding is complemented also with alternative medicines. "Always it depends on each patient. Some alternative medicines, a bit of homoeopathy or kinesiología, for example, but the important is to look for the cause of the ailment. If to the patient hurts him determinate place of his body, does not be necessary to give a medicine for aplacar this pain, what has to do first is to discover why hurts him there. Have positive energy also is determinant, has a lot that see".

Giuliano Poser feels passion by his work. "In this is fundamental the confidence of the patient, therefore I am so reserved. If I walked giving details of the treatment of each player to the journalists that approach, would lose the confidence that they deposit in me, therefore I do not say neither will say at all punctual of any sportsman. Another detail is the time that devotes him to the person. To attend well to somebody I have to know it in depth and this does not attain in five minutes. I could receive here to cientos of people by day and fill me of money, however attend to one of each fifty that look for me and follow putting first of all the passion that generates me this work".

And it recognises that it did more famous as a result of making the diets of Leo Messi. "It would say that the effect Messi convulsionó my life, especially in the first three months, because it did not stop to sound the telephone and appeared journalists of all the corners of the world, to which did not attend, of course. This alters the day in day out of any one, more than somebody like me, that carry a very calm life. However, on the other hand all the world saw and sees to Messi, and since no longer can put in doubt my method. It remains in sight of all week by week".

In fact, the diets of Giuliano Poser are quite simple, with easy foods to purchase. "They are not exotic foods those that I recommend ingerir, for nothing, but if you fix you, the majority of the youngsters nowadays eats very little of this and a lot of what does badly, like pizzas, bollería or fast food", concludes.

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