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Mascherano Feeds the rumours: "I do not know what will happen"

Published:27/05/2016 - 08:51h

Updated:27/05/2016 - 08:51h

The Argentinian defender of the FC Barcelona, Javier Mascherano, has conceded some words with which has fed even more the rumours about his possible exit of the club: "I do not know what will happen, does not like me stick to me at all"

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In an interview conceded to "TyC", one of the players of the FC Barcelona that carries being in the disparadero of exit of the Barcelona team from does days, Javier Mascherano, has fed the doubts about what will occur with his future, since it is not at all clear if it will continue or not playing in the Barça to the orders of Luis Enrique the next season.

"In a career as mine no only there are decisions based in the sportive. One thinks that still is the moment to follow where touches me be that it is in Europe", ensures, although it has left clear that the of the Juventus is a speculation. "It is a rumour, am in the Barcelona and always have said that I am very grateful to the club. What is what happened in the future, can not it say since it does not like me stick to me at all".

It could be annoying with some people of the FC Barcelona. "There are people of the club that knows the opinion that have of what has touched me live the ultimo year, of public knowledge all the problems that have had to personal level", says. "The opinion that have especially this subject, the directive, the trainer, the sportive director, all have it clear and know it, can not be denying rumours all the while, would go back me crazy".

And it has explayado even more in this regard. "Neither I am speaking of an exit, am appreciated to the clubs that have given me an opportunity, the Barcelona has done me be recognised to world-wide level and winning a lot of titles. The end no when it is, always analyse situations, think that to leave a club like the Barça it is necessary to put a lot of things in the scales, in addition to being a spectacular club and play with spectacular players and quality of life. But well it goes to arrive a day that finishes , will not be now, in a year or three".

Mascherano Explains why decided fichar by the Barça six years ago. "When I decided to change it was because it was the possibility to go to the best team that habia in Europe with a trainer of the that all spoke wonders". And also it reveals what is what more has hurt him to play in the Barça. "There is a dark point, the best years of my career did not play them in the position that always wanted to play, those that know me know it, to attain things it is necessary to leave things sideways".

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