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Arbeloa: "I have defended to the Real Madrid above all else"

Published:8/05/2016 - 10:03h

Updated:8/05/2016 - 10:03h

The díscolo lateral Spanish of the Real Madrid, Álvaro Arbeloa, will put this weekend against Valencia full stop to his stage in Santiago Bernabéu, sacking of the fans merengue and trying cuajar a good performance

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One of the most controversial players of the Real Madrid by his clashes with the FC Barcelona and Gerard Hammered through the social networks, Álvaro Arbeloa, has conceded an interview to "Mark" in which it has spoken on his course of the Real Madrid, since it is very likely that this Sunday was the last time that steps the lawn of Santiago Bernabéu.

The player is sad for sacking of his stage like footballer merengue, but in spite of all trust can do it winning this season the doublet of League and Champions League. "It is sadness and melancholy for knowing that you leave backwards the best of your life. You know that there where go do not go to find the happiness that have had here, but also that it was a day that had to arrive. I go me with the joy to be able to sack me of the fans and of the club. This is the best of everything", explains.

Every time it is more nervous by his goodbye like player of the Real Madrid. "I have tried not thinking a lot. Now they go sucediendo things and go trying assimilate it, although I go being a bit more nervous. The first that I want to is to win the party to follow litigating by the League. Afterwards, when it finish, can go to the centre of the field to sack me of the fans to thank for have me wanted to so much. With this will be happy".

It is very complicated that it finish renewing with the Real Madrid. "Yes, it is difficult because I want to feel me useful and there have been a lot of moments this year in which one wants to feel leading in the field and could not be. One does not have to be in the Madrid by the past and yes by what can contribute in the future. It is the moment to say goodbye and think that say it in the correct moment".

It thinks that it has defended to layer and sword to the Real Madrid. "Inside the field am more than happy by all what have played and for having been important in many and big parties. Out of the field have done what would have to do any player of the Real Madrid".

And it thinks that there is a vara to measure distinct for the Real Madrid that for the rest of clubs. "Butragueño Does very well his work, is exquisite in his words. But it is truth that with the Madrid is especially hard, there is a vara to measure for the rest of the world and another for the Madrid and I think that this is what more hurts him to the fans. Sometimes yes that it misses to somebody that heave the voice, that defend these injustices and that show to the world this deal that has to the club".

Finally, it has answered to the affectionate open letter that wrote him José Mourinho. "Mou Has helped me no only in the futbolístico, but in the personal. To not having fear to say what think, to not having fear to defend to your club. That is a legated that José left in me and by what will be him always grateful. It is truth that has a bad part regarding the desprestigio, but the well is to go you in good conscience to the bed for knowing that you are doing the correct".

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