The Portuguese star of the real madrid seems to have win to withdraw  to his almost 31 years

Cristiano Ronaldo: "When it withdraw me I go to live like a king"

Cristiano Ronaldo: "When it withdraw me I go to live like a king"

Published:12/11/2015 - 21:55h


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Cristiano Ronaldo has conceded a new interview in which it has ensured that, when it withdraw of the world of the football "inside four or five years", will live like a king beside his friends and family. It ensures however that the football is "a big part of my life"

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The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
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Cristiano Ronaldo no longer gives for more interviews. The Portuguese star of the Real Madrid seems had to copar day after day carried of press with his statements, and in the last interview that has conceded to the Expensive Portuguese "magazine", in which it has showed his more personal side, ensures that in the taut moments "breathes deep" and that no longer puts so nervous as before, although the facts of the two last days of League, when it gave a patada without balloon to David Simón (The Palms) and tried to give a punch to Krychowiak (Seville) seem to say the contrary.

The case is that Cristiano ensures that the hate that a lot of fans feel to him "is a motivation", as well as "it splits of the work of the footballer". "I am not the most modest person of the world, admit this, am not false, but in some appearances am very humble", comments, and does not deny that his son was spoiled.

"It is easy to be spoiled when you wake up you in a fantastic bed, eat yoghourt with fruit and have swift cars". In spite of everything, Cristiano Ronaldo does not give him to his son all what asks, because has clear that "they have to live his own lives".

"From very young dreamed with being father and Cristiano changed a lot my life, my way to think. He supports me, always has a smile for me". In another order, ensures that his life is very disciplined regarding diet and hours of dream, although it drinks "a glass of wine from time to time" and the Sundays eats hamburgers accompanied of a soda with gas.

For the moment still it does not think in the withdrawal, but ensures that when it withdraw , "inside four or five years", "will live like a king" beside his "family and friends", although it will miss the football because it is "a big part of my life".

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