Neymar Jr And Paulinho, celebrating a goal with the selection of Brazil


Neymar, high and clear: "I Want that Paulinho fiche by the Barça"

Published:8/07/2017 - 21:43h

Updated:8/07/2017 - 21:43h

The big Brazilian star of the FC Barcelona, Neymar Jr, has pronounced on the informations that relate to Paulinho with the Barcelona, wishing the signing of the midfield player of the Guangzhou Evergrande. "We would receive him with the open arms"

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In an act organised by "RedBull" in Praia Big (Sao Paulo, Brazil), to Neymar Jr have asked after him some informations of actuality related with the FC Barcelona, as for example the possible signing of Paulinho and also the renewal of Leo Messi, with the one who looks forward to to play a lot of years sharing flank of attack.

Neymar Would be delighted that Paulinho finish recalando in the Barça pertinent of the Guangzhou Evergrande, although the Brazilian midfield player of 28 years, ex also of the Tottenham, carries already quite a lot of months playing in a level very underneath of the that asks in LaLiga.

"I am very happy to have to the best player of the world to my side"

"It is my fellow and a big player, all the world would receive him with the open arms, has a big quality that has showed with the selection. I want that fiche by the Barça because with a player like him, that is a fellow also, we go to win a lot", has commented Neymar.

The Brazilian star of the FC Barcelona has a lot of hopes deposited in the World-wide of Russia 2018, and also in the season 2016-17 with the FC Barcelona. "It is a season that promises. I go me to prepare a lot to be the best in my club and in the selection. My dream is here and go in search of the Glass of the World. The selection has to be feared always and seat that it went back to be like this".

Neymar Jr, happy for playing at the side of Messi

It is very happy to be able to play at the side of Leo Messi, and also to be trained from now by Ernesto Valverde of the one who has heard to speak wonders. "I am very happy to have to the best of the world with me. It is complicated to think in football without him. And will have a big trainer, listened to speak very well of him. I expect that we can be happy".

Simultaneously, they have asked him also by Lucas Lima, another player related with the Barça and that it can leave the Saints with the letter of freedom. "I do not know what say on him. Only I want that it was happy and do not know that it can do", has answered Neymar, esquivando the last questions.

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