Chronicle of the Ray Vallecano-FC Barcelona of the J11 of LaLiga


Two chispazos of the Barça avoid that the Ray repeat the disaster of Leganés (2-3)

Published:4/11/2018 - 02:30h

Updated:4/11/2018 - 04:34h

The FC Barcelona arrived warned to Vallecas after a trip in Butarque, but during a lot of minutes was near to repeat the defeat of Leganés. After the goals of Suárez, Pozo and Álvaro, two chispazos of Dembélé and the Uruguayan saved a triumph for the culés

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It arrived the FC Barcelona to Madrid warned by the hit that gave him the Leganés, but has to review the lesson because it brushed another sonrojante defeat against the Ray. In Vallecas Luis Suárez put by in front to the Catalans, that little by little went relaxing, saw surpassed with so many of José Ángel Pozo and Álvaro. When better played the ones of house and in spite of forgiving the sentence, two chispazos of Ousmane Dembélé and the Uruguayan saved the ballot. These are the triumphs that can cost a League.

The clash started with the guion planned, with the visitors dominating in front of some venues that bit in the pressure. It asked Míchel to his men that did not crease , and this translated in an effort that advanced his lines until very gone in the area of Marc-André Ter Stegen, while his rival answered with the same medicine.

In the battle commanded some culés something imprecise in the last pass, but that, as in the last commitments, attained to advance prompt. The goal of Luis Suárez was a calque of the that premièred the Classical, with the only change of the Uruguayan by Philippe Coutinho that then was the striker. Sending hammered in long of Ivan Rakitic, advance and pause of Jordi Alba and hand-held brake until finding to the better mate planted. Pass of the death and to the network.

They seemed to react proudly the vallecanos, but the culés answered with tarpaulin and looked for with care the sentence. Through the possession followed arriving the approaches, but was missing something of mordiente to put in aprietos to Alberto too calm. Little by little, they increased the passes and diminished the tension, what went to suppose a punishment that already is turning into usual for the barcelonistas.

José Ángel Pozo forgave once, but to the second lució and hanged the tie of the electronic. First, a triangulation that Raúl of Tomás put in the heart of the area and the one of Fuengirola sent went with everything of face, after advancing to Sergi Roberto that it was not attentive. Afterwards, 'fishing' a rebound in the frontal, orienting it with a big control and putting it with thread to the base of the stick where did not arrive Ter Stegen. Golazo And again equalised.

It was to go in advantage the Barça thanks to the inspiration of Luis Suárez, but his finish finish -another habit that no longer is surprise-, in the wood. Arthur filtered a pass for a Rafinha Alcántara that it did place with the body, and his cession for the charrúa finish with a shot at first that surpassed to the guardameta but no to the wood. The one of Jump protested the same that all some fans that no longer knows how surpass this 'curse'.

The Barça wins three points in three minutes

If east was a party of resemblances, the start of the second half took the same way that the one of the first, and was the Barça the one who imposed his rhythm with the same imprecision up and the same intensity of a Ray that did not surrender in any moment. Had Rafinha the 2-0 in a strike to the that was missing him effect to take goal, and afterwards repeated a nightmare in which, this time, the despertador sounded totime .

The first fright had given it Adrián Embarba with an action cancelled by a very just offside, but little later, the culés resurrected the ghost of Butarque. It jumped Álvaro to the terrain of game and took seconds in doing the 2-1, in which it was his first intervention in the duel. A centre of the Madrilenian it cabeceó Of Tomás to the stick, and the refuse remained died so that the utrerano, that sonrojó again to Sergi Roberto, did to shiver to the leader.

Leganés Repeated for the Catalans because they remained totally noqueados, and there was not possible solution for the motivation that guided to the vallecanos. Coutinho Was not fine, the centre of the field undid and the only hope was to give him the leather to Dembélé, that began something fallón and infected of the deconcentration that cundía on the lawn.

Valverde Played it to him with a double change that seemed more than race that of quality, and precisely with more heart that head arrived a surprising Barcelona explosion. Arturo Vidal and Munir The Haddadi put him will and dragged to his mates, that found just solutions when all aimed to that the Madrilenian could finish the work with so many spaces.

First it was Dembélé the one who rescued a tie that went an impulse, in a played desperate that finish being key for the Barça. The centre of Jordi Alba went down it Gerard Hammered in position of ariete, and the volley rasa of the French coló between his legs and the ones of the defender rayista until besar the network. Without space to analyse the situation arrived another target of Suárez, that has left backwards his penalties and goes back to be that 'killer' that appears in the just moment.

The until then unlucky Sergi Roberto put a big centre of left-handed and the tip threw with everything, with a desmarque that left him only and prevented the answer of Alberto. The Barça has to improve a lot if it wants to be still in series in front of the Inter, but at least showed that it does not tire to struggle neither when him atosigan his worst fears. There are resources and there is prowess, that this time cost so that the leader carried a victory of champion.

Technical index card of the party: Ray Vallecano-FC Barcelona 2-3

Ray Vallecano: Alberto; Advíncula, Gálvez (Velázquez, min 71), Amat, Álex Moreno; Comesaña, Embarba, Imbula, Trejo (Álvaro, min 57), Pozo; and Of Tomás (Joy, min 65).

FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Hammered, Lenglet, Alba; Rakitic, Busquets, Arthur (Arturo Vidal, min 67); Rafinha (Dembélé, min 52), Suárez and Coutinho (Munir, min 67).

Goals of the party: 0-1 Suárez (min 11), 1-1 Pozo (min 36), 2-1 Álvaro (min 57), 2-2 (min 87), 2-3 Suárez (min 90).

Referee: Hernández Hernández.

Incidences: corresponding Party to the eleventh day of LaLiga 2018-19.

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