Diego Armando Maradona, during a delivery of prizes

After the attacks of the ex of the Barça

Maradona Answers to Alves: "it Does 28 centres and hits 4"

Published:19/06/2017 - 22:24h

Updated:19/06/2017 - 22:24h

After the side of the Juventus of Turín Dani Alves loaded against Diego Armando Maradona, saying that it was not any example inside the football, and after the answer of his daughter, has been the own exfutbolista the one who has answered to the Brazilian

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Dani Alves Is desatado and the situation is him going of the hands. After conceding an interview by means of which treated to force that the Juventus of Turín left him go out free to the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola, when leaving fall several provocations, the side followed with his "show". It published a photo commemorating the Champions League won in 2015 with the Barça... To his current club, a Juve where the fans no took it to him very well. But now it begins to collect tempestades the Brazilian.

As if in the same interview that commented attacked to Diego Armando Maradona, of the that said that it was not example of at all in the football, the exfutbolista has answered. And it has done it with his style and attacking to Alves where more hurts him: his quality.

"Dani Alves Is a cretino! Probrecito. It puts 28 centres and hits four", began saying "the pibe of gold" in some statements of which does echo the half Italian "Tuttosport".

"Right-handed side was Cafù, right-handed side was Maicon. If we continue speaking of this type go me. Speech only because it plays in a zone of the field where does not play to football. It said it also Dalma, I am much better. It touches the balloon thrice and commits eight failures in a party", concluded Maradona.

The message of Dalma Maradona, whole

"Gentleman Dani Alves, head to you with the end to explain him a bit who is my dad since I create to have the knowledge that you does not have. I saw a fragment of a his note and listened it say that it can not compare to Messi with my dad (could say him that am very of agreement and always said that fall in this comparison is for ignorant people) and that as Argentinian master to Messi and always celebrate his triumphs", begins Dalma.

"Now you asks those that balloons of gold has my dad and his question gives me penalty since in the period that my dad played to the football have understood that they did not give him this prize to players that were not European... Able you did not know this...", it continues.

"Afterwards it says that to you it would not give him pride win a world-wide with a goal with the hand and here, if you allows me, would ask him if had the possibility to see the another goal that my dad did in this same party?", question ironically.

"He never wanted to be example of at all and did what could. Do a favour and speak of his Brazilian colleagues, that have the his. In my humble opinion, is healthier and much more intelligent choose the silence when really it does not know neither of what neither of who is speaking ", concludes Dalma.
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