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I peeled, egocentric: "If I am Or'Rei, Messi is the Prince"

Published:15/05/2016 - 19:46h

Updated:15/05/2016 - 19:46h

The big myth of the Brazilian football, Peeled, has situated to Leo Messi once again underneath of him, ensuring that if he is "Or Rei", the Argentinian star of the FC Barcelona is "The Prince". This yes, has clear that it is the best player of the actuality

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In an interview conceded to the "Magazine" of "The Avant-garde", the mythical ex Brazilian player that conquered three World-wide and marvelled with the Saints, Peeled, has gone back to plant above the rest of "cracks" of the history of the football, ensuring that Leo Messi is "The Prince" if he is considered "Or Rei" by part of the fans and, especially, of him same.

It is about to to première the film "Peeled, in birth of a legend", centred in the first stage of the life of the ex player, and Peeled is more than thrilled. "I thrilled me because during the shooting agreed me of my father and what said me. 'You have to train', 'you do not go you to think that are the best'... I expect that this film can show to the future generations that a person has to have base, bottom, and the support of a family, that can arrive far even being humble".

"In the film sees of where went out, sees that I cleaned shoes in Bauru when my father was lesionado... That is the message for the future generations. It is a simple history: the one of an athlete that can communicate with the world with a universal message, the one of the football", says Peeled.

It affirms that had a good infancy in spite of being humble. "I was happy of boy, my parents put it to me easy. It is very important that the politicians give the opportunity that the citizens have good schools, work and that there is not corruption. The dream that have is that in the future my children, that now have 17 and 18 years, see a Brazil if problems, a better Brazil that the one who have now".

It plants also to I Gave Stéfano above Leo Messi. "Of the last 15 years, Messi is the Prince. I do not say that it is Or Rei because my mum and my dad already closed the factory and broke the mould. Or Rei only there is one (laughs). This yes, think that of the Argentinians, Gave Stefano was the most complete. More than Maradona and that Messi".

To I Peeled, besides, it had not liked him play in the period futbolística actual. "I am happy to have player in my period, but is truth that now everything would be easier. To players as I Gave Stefano or like me knows us less because there is a lot of less recordings of our parties. The film will serve so that a lot of people familiarise with my figure".

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