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Gaspart ningunea To Zidane and ensures that the decision to deny the corridor comes of the Madrid

Published:8/04/2018 - 10:00h

Updated:8/04/2018 - 10:07h

The previous of the Madrid-Athletic has heated the denouement of LaLiga, after some statements of Zidane affirming that his will not do a hypothetical corridor to the Barça if it wins the title before the Classical. Joan Gaspart has referred to the subject with forcefulness

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Although in the last weeks had reigned some tranquility by the advantage of the FC Barcelona, already goes back to have controversial on the denouement of LaLiga, by some statements of Zinedine Zidane in the previous press conference to the derbi between the Real Madrid and the Athletic in Santiago Bernabéu.

Questioned on a possible corridor to the Barcelona if the Classical of the day 36 arrives with the title resolved, the technician 'merengue' has revealed that it would not produce because it was a his decision, excusándose in that the Catalans did not do it after the World-wide of Clubs and that his only intention is recortarles points before the crossing.

Gaspart Criticises to the Real Madrid and to Zidane

The one who has spoken on the subject has been Joan Gaspart, ex president culé and leader in the Real Spanish Federation of football. During an intervention in the program 'The House of the Football' of 'Movistar Plus', the Barcelonan has 'wetted', with a conclusive answer to the words of the preparador marsellés.

"More than a decision of him, is a decision of the club. The Mundialito is not comparable to LaLiga. That no excuse the club behind Zidane", has begun signalling, explaining that under his point of view, the trainer does not have neither voice neither vote, and that the measure is not more than a reflection of the will of his directive.

"The Mundialito does not have at all that see with LaLiga. What say Zidane, with all the respects, does not explain. It is what say the club what explains, if raisin and do not do it, is because the club has decided it like this", has insisted Gaspart, disassembling the argument of the Frenchman on the presumptive fault of the Barça by esquivar the honours to the Madrid does some months.

The Barça does not want to líos with the Real Madrid

While several voices pronounce on the new discussion, in the FC Barcelona the reaction has been much more sosegadaAs they aim several informations, in the cúpula of the entity culé hardly there has been restlessness by a question that do not consider important, and that already left clear in the previous Classical that it was necessary to shelve.

In the changing room, besides, neither there is preocupaciónes by the intentions that can have the Madrid, and from the technician to several players have manifested explaining that by his heads happens anything less a celebration so nimia. When have the trophy in the hand, the last in what they will think is in his rivals, and for the moment work to achieve it. At all more.

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