Marc Bartra played his last party with the FC Barcelona in front of the Sporting of Gijón

It does not have luck

Marc Bartra… But what happens with you, fellow?

Published:9/05/2016 - 20:14h

Updated:9/05/2016 - 20:14h

All the world asks it to him but anybody has the answer, what carajo raisin with Marc Bartra? The central of the FC Barcelona goes back to fall of a list of summoned in which it goes in by him Jeremy Mathieu recently recovered

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It is the eternal crossing of the FC Barcelona in the last seasons and anybody neither knows neither can resolve it. Perhaps they can it do the trainers that have had it to his disposal, but neither the people of the football neither his mates neither the journalists can give answer to the situation of Marc Bartra and his eternal attempt to settle in the club of his loves like a central to the that take into account for the important parties.

This Sunday and in the derbi Catalan in front of the RCD Espanyol went back to happen and to more than one went back him to jump the sewings when treating to comprise his situation. After having played a big party in front of the Sportive of the Coruña, where even annotated a soberbio goal and formed a tenaz couple beside Javier Mascherano, and a half hour more than cumplidora in front of the Sporting of Gijón substituting to Gerard Hammered in the second part, the Catalan defender goes back to remain out of a list of summoned.

In his place reappears Jeremy Mathieu
that, extirpado his meniscus, has recovered in a record time and has removed him the place to the defender of 24 years. The polivalencia of Mathieu is a fact and the multiple options that can give during a meeting also but… Why not explaining also with Marc? This eternal question without answer that, save in time of the "Tata" Martino when it played with regularity, have done many.

To Marc asked him does time that "opened doors" to base of work, effort and sacrifice, something that seems carries in his blood, as well as an incalculable respect by the entity where plays to football. The central never has had neither a bad word neither a desplante neither neither an explosive statement like others of his mates during all this time. And reasons for this, the truth, himself that has had.

As all, obviously, has had failures as in the gone of the Supercopa of Spain in front of the AthleticClub , party that seems marked him all what remained him of season… In August. His titularities have gone falling with dropper until arriving to the ten current in the 59 parties (60 with this of the Espanyol) that has contested this season the FC Barcelona. Perhaps it was missing him "bad milk"? More blood? Or there is something behind that any know and only know his technicians?

Because it seems that for Vicente of the Forest is a fixed in the announcements of the selection from does years, still without playing with the blaugrana, and leaving very good feelings whenever it employs with "the red". The case is that the history of Marc Bartra in the Barça does not leave of asemejarse to this Charly Brown that tries to arrive with all his strengths to kick the ball that the cruel Lucy removes him in the last instant. And he, of bruces against the floor, swears likewise not going back to fall. Perhaps that was the but of Marc in Can Barça and perhaps (only perhaps) have to go out went to do respect in his own house.

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