The president of the CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domínguez, in a press conference


The CONMEBOL answers with hardness to Messi through an official communiqué

Published:7/07/2019 - 09:54h

Updated:7/07/2019 - 09:55h

After the incendiary statements of Leo Messi after being expelled in the Argentina-Chile of Glass America, the CONMEBOL has answered to the '10' of the albiceleste with a communiqué in which it has accused to the player culé of "not knowing lose"

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The big star of Argentina and the best player of the world, Leo Messi, burst after being expelled in the party against Chile and reported, in front of the media, the arbitration of a Glass America that believes has been fixed against of Argentina and in favour of Brazil, criticising besides what understands like corruption in the organism sudamericano after the last doubtful arbitrations that has suffered the albiceleste.

Well, the communiqué of the CONMEBOL has not taken in appearing in the social networks. The organism commissioned to schedule the Glass America 2019 has defended , insinuating that Leo Messi has "badly lose" and that, in spite of some human errors that can commit the referees, exists a saneamiento and total transparency in the Confederation Sudamericana of Football.

"In the football sometimes wins and sometimes loses and a fundamental pillar of the fair play is to accept the results with loyalty and respect. The same goes for the referee's decisions, that are human and always will be perfectibles", begins the communiqué, criticising the attitude of Leo Messi after the party against the selection of Chile, that from the CONMEBOL think that it was not the correct.

"It is unacceptable that as a result of own incidents of the competition, where participated 12 selections, all in equality of conditions, have launched unfounded indictments that are missing to the truth and put in cloth of trial the integrity of the Glass America. Said indictments represent a lack of respect to the competition, to all the footballers participants and to the you cientos of professionals of the CONMEBOL, insittución that from 2016 comes working untiringly by transparentar, profesionalizar and develop the football sudamericano", defends the organism.

Principle of 'war' between the AFA and the CONMEBOL

The principle of 'war' between the AFA (Association of the Argentinian Football) and the CONMEBOL originated does some days, as a result of the controversial arbitration of Zambrano in the Brazil-Argentina of semifinals of the Glass America. The of Díaz of Vivar this past Saturday went back to be of traca, and is logical that in Argentina have tired of this type of arbitrations and can think that it exists a 'hand nengra'.

The AFA already announced that it will ask that they remove him the red card to Messi, as well as the renunciation of Wilson Seneme, the headline of the commission of referees of the CONMEBOL. What could finish happening, however, is that the CONMEBOL sanction to Leo Messi by his recent words.

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